Upgrade Time!

I’ve update the running total for the bills, and it’s a little higher this month  due to a bandwidth upgrade to facilitate some live shows starting next month, so anything you can do to lend a hand would be IMMENSELY appreciated.  Thankfully the set-up costs are one-time, so it won’t be a monthly burden.  Most importantly, only donate what you won’t miss… YOUR bills are far more important than some website on the net.

In gratitude for this extra “emergency” thing, the little thank-you gift to Patreon donators will be extended to everyone who donates towards this current bill, regardless of amount. I can’t possibly thank you enough for everything you folks do to keep the site running, and I hope you’ll find the live shows entertaining.

With this better connection, I’ll also be looking to facilitate some other Dylan-related stuff (such as Google hangouts), so if talking about Bob on-air is something you’d be interested in, please leave a comment so I can contact you when that time comes.

As always, no matter how you’re able help out (monetary, visiting sponsors, or just spreading the word), this station only exists because of YOU, and you have been AMAZING for keeping this train rolling for 10 years now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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