Eva Johansen helped both myself and the website navigate through some of our lowest points. When I seriously considered just giving up, she was there to talk me through stuff.  She was ever-present with a kind, compassionate word, and was, honestly, the most wonderful Dylan fan I’ve ever encountered.  Listeners have no idea how much she worked behind the scenes to keep this site running day-to-day.  If I’m the hands, and Bob is the soul, Eva was most certainly the heart of DylanRadio.

I’m a little too broken right now to write more than that, but I just wanted folks to know how important this wonderful lady was to this site. Her passing today is a terrible loss for our whole community.

  1. We have lost a very good friend, a wonderful person and a huge cat- and Bob-Dylan-lover.
    You were one of the first people I came in contact with in the tiny chat box.
    We dedicated each other many songs.
    Requiescat in pace, EVA!

  2. She is going to be so missed.

  3. So sad.

  4. Thank you Eva! It was here we met, and we kept a longtime friendship, and shared a wonderful evening in Denmark/Odense together at the concert in 2011! Take care, and rest in peace! You checked out way too soon! I’m so sad!! <3

  5. Cavalan Jean-Louis

    I love! I need your radio! Bravo Eva & co!!!! Bob does not financially help at all? JL, french addict to B.D.R. 🙂

  6. This is a labour of love by myself, and you listeners. If Bob ever decides he needs his own radio station, I’m sure he’d keep us in mind.

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