Thanks for Canucking


Thanks to everyone for indulging our annual Canada Day tradition!  As a thank-you, I promise that we’ll celebrate America’s independence day by playing non-stop music by America’s greatest songwriter 😉

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!


HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!   My home and native land turns 150 today!  To celebrate, we’ll be rocking to non-stop music by some great (and occasionally not-so-great) Canadian artists all day long!  Please request & dedicate your favourites, because goodness knows Mrs. Walrus will be, and she needs someone to offset her 80s nostalgia. 😉

Rather than the usual Theme Time programs, today at 3am this morning we’ll hear from The Frantics, a classic comedy troupe, and at noon we’ll be hearing from Canada’s international ambassadors, Bob & Doug Mackenzie.  There might even be a little concert at 10pm from The Arrogant Worms.

Once again, I offer a Canadian “Sorry” in advance, and I thank you all for indulging my true, patriot love of this chilly corner of the world.  Canada loves each and every one of you… well… ‘cept maybe one American… you know who you are.  😉

Canada who? What’s going on?


In case anyone is still confused about what’s going on Saturday, July 1st, here’s the straight goods:  It’s long-standing tradition here on DylanRadio that every July 1st, your proud Canadian Walrus takes over the station (that I already run?) to celebrate CANADA DAY by playing music all day long from some of Canada’s finest artists.

This year is particularly special for two reasons.  First, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday, which is kind of a big deal.  Secondly, next to our Wilbury Weekends, our Canada Day celebrations were a particular favourite of our dearly beloved Eva, who always spent much of the day requesting her Canadian favourites every year, so this year’s celebration holds a very special meaning to me:  I get to honour my nation and my friend at the same time.

So, when you tune in tomorrow and don’t hear Bob, don’t panic!  Relax, put your toque on, flop out on your chesterfield, crack a bottle of maple syrup, munch some poutine, cuddle with your beaver, and tune in to celebrate how awesome Canada is!  Sorry.  😉

From the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada


I’ve just received this letter from the Prime Minister’s office, and I promise to honour the intention expressed therein. We won’t let you down, Justin!

Saying Goodbye…


Eva’s funeral will be held at 2pm, Thursday, June 29th at Østerlunde Kirkesal, Lundvej 48, 6800 Varde, DenmarkAnneke Derksen Hoftijzer has set up a PayPal donations link to help raise money for flowers and any additional funeral costs that may be needed, so please consider donating if you can.



Eva Johansen helped both myself and the website navigate through some of our lowest points. When I seriously considered just giving up, she was there to talk me through stuff.  She was ever-present with a kind, compassionate word, and was, honestly, the most wonderful Dylan fan I’ve ever encountered.  Listeners have no idea how much she worked behind the scenes to keep this site running day-to-day.  If I’m the hands, and Bob is the soul, Eva was most certainly the heart of DylanRadio.

I’m a little too broken right now to write more than that, but I just wanted folks to know how important this wonderful lady was to this site. Her passing today is a terrible loss for our whole community.

EastTop Blues Harps


I don’t normally do product endorsements, but this recent find is worth sharing. I play Lee Oskar and Special 20 harmonicas pretty exclusively, but at $60 a pop, I have to be a bit careful with them, so I’ve been on a lengthy, heartbreaking quest for a cheap alternative that I can beat up without going broke. Most of my cheap-experiments have been out of tune, losing air like crazy, or just plain miserable to play. Unsurprisingly, most of the cheapies are made in China, and every China-made harp has been utterly miserable…. until now.

The Easttop 008K Blues Harmonica is not only cheap, but it’s well made. My only concern was that the reed-plate isn’t recessed into the comb (which affect air-tightness), but they’ve compensated with additional reed-plate screws so it’s still remarkably air-tight. I thought the reed plate would be rough on the lips, but turns out it’s not too bad.  Moreover, this cheap China harp came out of the box in tune, the reeds bend nicely, and it includes little a nice belt holster and cleaning cloth.

If you’re new to harmonica, and just want something cheap to try and play along with Bob, please don’t buy that low-end Hohner or Swan crap. They’re going to give you the wrong impression of how it’s supposed to play & sound. This Easttop harp sound great, it’s a pleasure to honk on, and if you’re a seasoned harp player, it makes a great pocket-beater, or just a cheap alternative for a key you don’t regularly use in your spread.

Easttop isn’t paying me to say this – I have no idea who they are anyway – but when I find a harp of this quality for $12, it’s my civic duty to share that info. I haven’t found it available at any of my usual online music-store haunts, but it’s available on Amazon and it shipped to me from China to Canada pretty darn fast.  Here’s a link to their listing on

Walkin’ Down The Line


Just a beautiful colourization job!

Hello June!


I’ve posted the new running total for June, but thanks to last month’s donators, we’ve already got a great head start! Please consider donating towards June if you can afford it, but in the meantime, a little treat for this afternoon… Enjoy!

May Chronicles


Our May audiobook series saved the best for last!  Tune in at 7pm, May 25-30 for readings from Chronicles: Volume One, as well as our post-birthday airings of “The Bob Dylan Story” with Kris Kristofferson at 5pm Atlantic.



Happy Birthday Bob!!  We, your fans, thank you so much for another great tour, a new album, a Nobel Prize win, and everything else you do that inspires us to think deeper, love stronger, work harder and keep on keepin’ on.   Thanks for everything!

The request rules have been loosened today, so you can make even more requests and dedications in celebration of Bob’s birthday!  Also tune in at 2pm for a special rebroadcast of “The Folk Show” birthday special.  (1pm Eastern, 12pm Central, 10am Pacific, 6pm London, 5am Sydney) 

And then tune in today, and every day at 5pm for the first episode of “The Story of Bob” hosted by Kris Kristofferson.  The final episode will air Sunday night.  (4pm Eastern, 3pm Central, 1pm Pacific, 9pm London, 8am Sydney)



Spring Book Break!


Spring has sprung, and everyone is as busy as a bee, so why not unwind at the end of the day with a nice audiobook about our beloved Bob.  May is book-month on, so tune in for reading from our audiobook series every evening at 7pm Atlantic (6pm Eastern, 5pm Central, 3pm Pacific, 11pm London, 10am Sydney).

Happy Triplicate Day!


w00t!  It’s finally here, and available for requests in the songpool!

Thanks For Everything, Chuck.


March 31, 2017