We Have Been Released!


The Wilburys have been appeased!  Thanks to everyone for taking part in our Wilbury Weekend.  I’m happy to report the wandering band of ne’er-do-well minstrels have agreed to return the station back to it’s original format, but they warn that future takeovers are not only possible, but probable. 😀


ACK!  The Wilbury’s have hijacked DylanRadio.com!  I received a ransom letter where they demand that, if we ever want to see our beloved radio station again, we need to request & dedicate songs by the notorious gang of brothers: Nelson, Spike, Otis, Clayton, Charlie T Jr, Muddy, Lefty, Lucky & Boo!  Let us appease these ruffians lest they take over the rest of the internet!

They further demand that we broadcast their propaganda, The Traveling Wilburys Revisited, throughout the weekend at the times below:

  • 3pm Friday (2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, 11am Pacific, 7pm London, 6am Sydney)
  • 9pm Saturday (8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific, 1am London, 12pm Sydney)
  • 8am Sunday (7am Eastern, 6am Central, 4am Pacific, 12pm London, 11pm Sydney)

Just do what they say, everybody, and I’m sure they’ll release us someday!

Meandering Minstrel Madness

Don’t tell anybody, but I have it on good authority that a mob of maniacal meandering minstrels are masterminding a plot to take over the airwaves this coming weekend.  I’ve already contacted INTERPOL and CSIS in an attempt to thwart this assault, but they may not be up to the task.  Those five brothers are crafty geniuses.  STAY VIGILANT!

Thanks for your support!

February and our bandwidth upgrade are all wrapped up!  You have no idea how much it means to me that you guys chip in the gas money for this musical road trip we’re all on.  Without you, I’m just some dude behind the wheel of a broken-down jalopy.  Moreover, I hope donators also appreciate how much their support means to all the listeners who can’t afford to assist in that way.  Special thanks to the folks who have made a monthly commitment to keeping us going!  I’d love to post everyone’s names to honour them publicly, but I also respect your privacy.  Can’t keep your names from my wife, though.  She hears about you all the time.  😉

Finally, a special thank-you to everyone who supports us in other ways, whether it’s through checking out sponsors, spreading the word about the station, or even just taking the time to interact with us on Twitter or Facebook.  A car runs on more than just gas, and without you helping out in those ways, I’d still be stranded in an old, dead beater.  Thank you to each and every one of you!

Upgrade Time!

I’ve update the running total for the bills, and it’s a little higher this month  due to a bandwidth upgrade to facilitate some live shows starting next month, so anything you can do to lend a hand would be IMMENSELY appreciated.  Thankfully the set-up costs are one-time, so it won’t be a monthly burden.  Most importantly, only donate what you won’t miss… YOUR bills are far more important than some website on the net.

In gratitude for this extra “emergency” thing, the little thank-you gift to Patreon donators will be extended to everyone who donates towards this current bill, regardless of amount. I can’t possibly thank you enough for everything you folks do to keep the site running, and I hope you’ll find the live shows entertaining.

With this better connection, I’ll also be looking to facilitate some other Dylan-related stuff (such as Google hangouts), so if talking about Bob on-air is something you’d be interested in, please leave a comment so I can contact you when that time comes.

As always, no matter how you’re able help out (monetary, visiting sponsors, or just spreading the word), this station only exists because of YOU, and you have been AMAZING for keeping this train rolling for 10 years now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to each and every one of you for keeping the music rolling for 2017!

Whether you’re an occasional listener, a patreon patron, a regular or occasional donator, someone who retweets/shares, or someone who tunes in compulsively to get your daily Dylan fix, every single one of you has helped the station keep rolling.

I won’t lie: 2017 had some hard times – we’ve lost close friends and beloved musicians – but, thankfully, the music has been there to celebrate the good times, and cope with the bad times, and it’s all thanks to you that the music on DylanRadio.com has been there for us.

Above all: THANK YOU BOB! You’re still out there, still touring, and still in the recording studio. Your commitment to your fans is magnanimous to the point where I feel like we don’t even deserve you. If there was a Nobel Prize for touring, you should have won it for every year for a few decades now. Know that your fans love you, and this little corner of the internet that is DylanRadio.com is overjoyed to share your music with the world to encourage others to join this amazing ride you’ve been taking us on.

So Happy New Year to Bob, and to all his fans. All the best to each and every one of you for 2018!

The Final 2017 Weekend with the Wilburys!

Welcome to the final #WilburyWeekend of 2017!  Tune in all weekend long and request your faves by those crazy wandering minstrels, Nelson, Spike, Otis, Clayton, Charlie T Jr, Muddy, Lefty, Lucky & Boo!

We’ll also be playing the Bob Harris BBC special “The Traveling Wilburys Revisited” documenting the formation and collaborations of those meandering minstrels of madness several times over the weekend.  Here’s the schedule for your convenience.

  • Friday @ 4pm Atlantic (3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 12pm Pacific, 8pm London, 9pm Oslo, 4am Tokyo, 7am Sydney)
  • Saturday @ 2am Atlantic (1am Eastern, 12am Central, 10pm Pacific, 6am London, 7am Oslo, 2pm Tokyo, 5pm Sydney)
  • Saturday @ 8pm Atlantic (7pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 4pm Pacific, 12am London, 1am Oslo, 8am Tokyo, 11am Sydney)
  • Sunday @ 8am Atlantic (7am Eastern, 6am Central, 4am Pacific, 12pm London, 1pm Oslo, 8pm Tokyo, 11pm Sydney)
  • Sunday @ 9pm Atlantic (8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific, 1am London, 2am Oslo, 9am Tokyo, 12pm Sydney)

Final Wilbury Weekend of 2017!

2017 has had it’s ups and downs, and I don’t know about you, but music helps me celebrate the “ups” and cope with the “downs,” so I believe it’s fitting to end off the year with a Wilbury Weekend.  We lost Tom, but we can cherish the musical gifts he’s given us over a lifetime.  We lost our beloved Eva, but Wilbury Weekends were her favourite here on DR, so it’s double-fitting to close of the year with one final celebration with those meandering minstrels of madness.

So tune in Friday through Sunday for another #WilburyWeekend here on DylanRadio.com!

Merry Christmas to YOU!

Thanks to each and every one of you for making 2017 another great year for DylanRadio!  YOU are the reason we’re still on the air, so I hope this season treats you with something special!

Christmas Story of Bob

2017 is almost at an end, and whether you light candles in an Advent-wreath, a menorah, a kinara or just erect a Festivus pole, I think we can all gather ’round DylanRadio.com in unity to hear The Story of Bob Dylan one more time before the year’s out.

Each of the 6 episodes will play twice daily at 4am (for the folks on the other side of the planet) and 8pm from Monday, Dec 18 through Saturday, Dec 23.  Spread the word, and thank you for keeping the music playing for another year!

Trouble No More is HERE!

It’s finally here!  A fantastic collection of recordings from one of my favourite eras.  Enjoy!

Happy Dyloween!

Here’s a couple of lyrical costume ideas courtesy of BoingBoing.net.  I apologize in advance for any incidents of Monster Mashing 😉

New Orleans is sinking…

Latitude made Canada cold.
Gord made Canada cool.

We Love You Charlie T Jr.

Just a beautiful colorized photo…