Canada who? What’s going on?


In case anyone is still confused about what’s going on Saturday, July 1st, here’s the straight goods:  It’s long-standing tradition here on DylanRadio that every July 1st, your proud Canadian Walrus takes over the station (that I already run?) to celebrate CANADA DAY by playing music all day long from some of Canada’s finest artists.

This year is particularly special for two reasons.  First, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday, which is kind of a big deal.  Secondly, next to our Wilbury Weekends, our Canada Day celebrations were a particular favourite of our dearly beloved Eva, who always spent much of the day requesting her Canadian favourites every year, so this year’s celebration holds a very special meaning to me:  I get to honour my nation and my friend at the same time.

So, when you tune in tomorrow and don’t hear Bob, don’t panic!  Relax, put your toque on, flop out on your chesterfield, crack a bottle of maple syrup, munch some poutine, cuddle with your beaver, and tune in to celebrate how awesome Canada is!  Sorry.  😉

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