The Dylan Shrine


One dedicated fan has been amassing a collection of Dylan albums & memorabilia for 5 decades, and he’s now selling portions of his collection on eBay!  There’s some fantastic stuff in there (Wlbury Twist Licorice?!?!) so, if you’re a collector, be sure to go take a peek,

Happy Birthday Jerry Beary!

Jerry Garcia

While he is sorely missed, we have an incredible legacy of music to celebrate Jerry Garcia’s birthday today.  Request and dedicate some of the Grateful Dead’s best today and share Jerry’s magic with the world!

Bob Dylan: An English Fan’s Scrapbook


Friend of the station, George Orr, has a new book available via Lulu.  It’s a fascinating scrapbook collection of photos and clippings spanning Bob’s amazing career, along with George’s commentary on the various eras and events in Dylan history.  This collection makes a perfect coffee-table book for any Dylanphile.  George was kind enough to send me a copy and I’ve been having fun time-traveling through the years.  If you’d like to pick up your own copy, you can click here to order it from

Full disclosure: George is a regular financial supporter of DylanRadio, but my enjoyment of his book was free 🙂

Basking In The Glow


Dear Bob,

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how overjoyed we all are that your latest album and tour have been garnering glowing reviews and standing ovations.  You’ve had a PHENOMENAL career, and the fact that you’re still dropping jaws in 2016 just makes us all so proud and thankful for sharing your talents with us.  So, from all of us fans here at DylanRadio, our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all you’ve given, and continue to give.  Thanks for letting us be a small part of that!

Happy Birthday ‘Murica!


To celebrate ‘Murica’s birthday, we’ll be playing music by their greatest singer/songwriter/poet all day long, with a side-order of FREEDOM!

Thanks For Canucking!


Thanks to everyone for celebrating Canada Day with us!  Now it’s back to Bob!



Happy 149th Birthday, Canada!  Your patriotic Canadian Walrus has hijacked the station to share music by Canadian artists all day long.  I hope you’ll indulge this annual tradition and hopefully hear someone you’ll want to learn more about.  And by “someone” I mean The Tragically Hip, among others 🙂

Please note that today’s Theme Time and the evening live concert will be set aside for a couple of great Canadian shows that should give you a few laughs.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating’s Home & Native Land!







The Canadian Conspiracy

canadacountdown2 (1)

If you’re new to, then you might not know about our annual Canadian Conspiracy. You see, every 1st of July, that wickedly patriotic Canadian Walrus hijacks the station and plays music from his home & native land all day long. I hope you’ll indulge this annual tradition and perhaps find some nuggets of Canadian gold you’ll want to explore further!

…and if you want to know more about the wider Canadian Conspiracy, I recommend this 1985 exposé.

The Apology


As we approach Canada Day this Friday, it’s traditional for me to issue our National Apology to the World….

Friends and Family abroad, and here at home, the Nation of Canada hereby officially apologizes for two of our greatest mistakes. We apologize profusely for Justin Bieber and Celine Dion. We deeply regret both of these horrible musical artists, and recognize the pain and suffering they have caused the world. To our unending shame, we have allowed these individuals to continue to inflict themselves on the planet’s population, but I beg you to take some small consolation in the fact that NEITHER of these artists will play any part in our traditional Canada Day celebrations on


Oh, Canada…


July 1st is coming & long-time listeners know what that means!  Every year, on Canada Day, your patriotic Canadian Walrus hijacks the station to share music by Canadian artists and celebrate the most polite, leaf-themed country on earth!

It’s the only day out of the year when DylanRadio isn’t dominated by Dylan, so I beg your indulgence in this little tradition, and I hope you’ll tune in on Friday and perhaps hear some artists that you’ll be interested in exploring further.

Another Wild Wilbury Weekend!


The Wilburys have invaded DylanRadio YET AGAIN for another Wild Wilbury Weekend!  Tune in and request your faves by those crazy-awesome wandering minstrels, Nelson, Spike, Otis, Clayton, Charlie T Jr, Muddy, Lefty, Lucky & Boo!

I’m also considering making the #WilburyWeekend a monthly feature on DylanRadio, but I want to hear from you.  Click here to vote and let me know what you think.

Wilburys around the bend…


There’s another Wilbury Weekend coming around the bend… 😉

Expecting Rain’s Semi-annual Fundraiser

ExRainBlog, the premier source for Dylan news, reviews & info, is currently holding their semi-annual fundraiser.  Karl works his butt off keeping the site current & helping fans find what they’re looking for, so if you use the site, please consider donating to them.



Congrats to my Pittsburgh Penguins for staging one of the greatest season comebacks in history!  By December, it seemed clear they were finished… and they proved everyone wrong!!

So, if you were wondering how come the Walrus wasn’t annoying you with Mets deds/music this year, it was because a friend of mine has a superstition that, whenever I spend time rooting for my ball team, Pittsburgh suffers.  I dismissed it as poppycock, of course, but decided that I would respectfully not talk about the Mets this season until after the Cup finals… and look how it turned out!  I’m overjoyed for the Pens, but I’m also annoyed that now I have to follow this superstition every year hence. 😉  Regardless, the moratorium on Mets boosting is now over.  😀